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========================== "NOTE: All Content of this blog is for educational purpose only" ========================== Get Link
  1. Wait About 5 second, In the TOP RIGHT CORNER will show SKIP ADD
  2. Left Click on SKIP ADD Image and .
  3. Then, you will redirect to the real link :)
All Content is "Education Purpose Only"

How to Downloads in With Ziddu

How to Downloads in With Ziddu.....!!!
Now Ziddu is NOT a Danger file Hosting....!
  • Firts in a post of This Blog you Click Link to Download in Ziddu like This.....

  • You Must Turn Off Your Block Pop-Up Windows.
  • You will Go to Link above... and in Ziddu you Click.....Download like image bellow

  • If you Click Download button in Ziddu, The page are Changed to Ziddu again...! You Should Write vertification Code Like image Bellow.

  • And Than Click Download like top image (you should write the vertification code before Click Download)
  • Than Your internet Browser will automatically Download....... ( it's easy, don't it???)....
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